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  1. Dear Shakti
    First of all I just want to thank you for having the courage and commitment to set up this very much needed enterprise, and I wish you even more success for the future, as your enthusiasm and professionalism should be rewarded.
    I also would like to tell you that I really appreciate what you have done, by making it possible for me to have the “Taste of India” in my home through your ‘Authentic’ products, which I use at least four times a week, to prepare my Indian food.
    I am no stranger to Indian cuisine, not just because Curry is now the ‘National dish’ of Britain, but because when it comes to exotic and aromatic food, it has been my personal favourite for most of my Adult life.
    I had always enjoyed Indian ‘Fine Dining’ in good Indian restaurants, but I soon wanted to learn how to make Indian dishes myself. I started with Sharwoods products, (am I allowed to mention that), at the age of 17, but gradually progressed to making dishes from scratch, using fresh products herbs and spices.
    My first big ‘Helping hand’ came when I joined the British Army. I learned about curry from a Nepalese recipe book, used by the Queen’s Gurkha Signal Regiment. The recipe book also had many explanations about which spices to use, and how to prepare them for meat, vegetables and fish dishes.
    Later on I married an English Lady whose father was a Master Chef in the British Army. He had served in India and Burma, and was well respected in Anglo-Indian high society.
    I was very lucky in that he passed on tips and knowledge to me about the myriad of regional and national Indian dishes, and their delicious accompaniments. Sadly he passed away on December 4th 1999, and I lost a mentor and really good friend too.
    I really missed his cooking, so when I met Alpa and realized there was a way to get the Spices, and ingredients, in fact everything else I needed, that was listed in my recipe books.
    I felt like I had been reborn, and thoroughly enjoy making things ‘the old way’ which I was taught, and I didn’t need to rely on trips to the UK to try and find the things that The Netherlands lacked or were difficult to find.
    Finally, I just want to say that your new website is ‘First class’, and I can easily navigate through it to find what I am looking for. I also see your product range growing too.

    Keep up the good work, you are very much admired and appreciated.
    Allan M

  2. Dear Shakti,
    I would like to say that I am very pleased with the quality of your products and the level of service you provide. I sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. I have recommended your products to others because of my satisfaction with your service.
    I wish you further development and success

  3. Hey,
    We just moved here from India . I was really sceptical about our’ desi’ spices and other foods, but I came to know about this place from Facebook. Surprised with their list of things and met my first friend here, Alpa. She is really a darling, helped in so many things apart from grocery.? Great to know you Alpa and very happy with their service. Great going gals. Best of luck.Cheers!

  4. Dear Shakti,

    Many thanks for a great service and great web shop. I placed an order on Monday and by Wednesday I had it at home. Very happy with the service, the freshness of the products and the kind email and sms I got in regards to my order. Highly recommended
    Best of luck and looking forward to ordering more and see your web shop expand.

  5. Dear Shakti,

    I am very grateful for the great customer service through which I was able to bring a smile on my friend’s face even though I’m miles away. I ordered a few Indian snacks to be delivered to my friend for his birthday. The prices were very affordable and the shipping as well. I started to chat with the staff of Shakti Aarna, Alpa to be precise, and explained that I want the package to be delivered on a particular date as it’s a birthday gift. And not only did they respond right away and made it happen but also volunteered to decorate the package and add a little card to it as well. It meant a lot to me as I am miles away in India but was still able to deliver the gift on his birthday and which looked like a gift and not a mere package. I am sure Shakti Aarna has a lot of customers everyday but yet they took the time and effort to offer excellent customer service. I really appreciate the help and will recommend their store to anyone in the Netherlands looking for some taste of India. Wish you all the best.

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